The EDGErs

The LEGO Engineering Design Group Educators (aka EDGErs) are a team of innovative educators with a passion for LEGO-based robotics and engineering that have been selected to provide advice about the content and structure of this site, as well as come up with new ideas to help and inspire other teachers and students.

EDGErs have a diverse ranges of backgrounds, and group members work with learners from as young as 3-years old through to adults. Present and past EDGErs include teachers, after-school program coordinators, professional development providers, engineers, and more. We’ve had EDGErs from Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, USA, UK, and Venezuela!

Some of the EDGErs at Tufts, 2016
Prof Ethan Danahy (Tufts CEEO) with some of the EDGErs at the LEGO Learning Symposium 2016

Recent EDGErs…

  • Barbara Bratzel (USA)
  • John Burfoot (Australia)
  • Wayne Burnett (Singapore)
  • Ian Chow-Miller (USA)
  • Dot Hubsch (USA)
  • Josep Fargas (Spain)
  • Kasia Nogalska (Poland)
  • Andi Pestalozzi (Switzerland)
  • Londa Posvistak (USA)
  • Asha Seshan (USA)
  • Craig Shelden (USA)
  • Rob Torok (Australia)