How can we build a sturdy wall?

An example sturdy wall
An example sturdy wall

Students will investigate the properties of sturdy structures by constructing a LEGO wall. The wall must be about 6 bricks high and withstand the “Flick Test”. The Flick Test involves flicking the top of the wall to see if it fails or tips over.

Lesson features:

  • Predicting structurally sound building practices.
  • Class discussion of different building methods.
  • Building and testing a sturdy wall.
  • Recording design and test results in Engineering Journal.

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Determine the best design for a sturdy structure


The lesson plan attached to this post was designed as part of a series of introductory WeDo lessons but is relevant to all building systems (i.e. RCX, NXT, EV3, …).

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