LEGO Engineering Conference, Jakarta 2013

1-IMG_4374A LEGO Engineering Conference was hosted by LEGO Education and by the Tufts CEEO in Jakarta, on 18 November, 2013. The day consisted of presentations and hands-on workshops on the integration of robotics into the classroom.

EV3 workbooks

A set of five new EV3 digital workbooks were developed for this conference.

Download the LEGO Engineering Conference Jakarta 2013 – EV3 Workbooks (4MB, ZIP) containing…

  • Silly Walks – Build a robot that moves, but without using wheels (as wheels).
  • Going the Distance – Build a robot that moves forward. Then determine how to program it to go any distance.
  • Musical Instruments – Build a robotic musical instrument and perform a song.
  • Pendulum – Build a pendulum and collect data to explore the relationship between length and period.
  • Home Automation – Design, build, and program a robot that demonstrates an example of home automation.

NOTE: The LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Software is required to open these workbooks.


Dr. Ethan Danahy (Engineering Research Program Director, Tufts CEEO) gave a welcome to set the tone for the day as well as the keynote address. Download both presentations here…



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