LEGO Engineering Conference, Sydney 2014

Silly walkers!
Silly walkers!

A LEGO Engineering Conference was hosted by LEGO Education and Tufts CEEO in Sydney, on 4-5 March 2014. The conference was held at Google’s Sydney offices for the first time, and consisted of presentations and hands-on workshops on the integration of robotics into the classroom. One day was aimed at primary school teachers, the other for secondary school teachers.

Keynote: Professor Chris Rogers, Tufts USA

Make a bird

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P1200325 P1200325 P1200327 P1200328 P1200329 P1200330 P1200331 P1200332 P1200334 P1200335 P1200336 P1200338 P1200339 P1200340 P1200341

Silly walks

P1200342 P1200343 P1200345 P1200348 P1200351


Aquatic creatures

P1200423 P1200424 P1200425 P1200426 P1200427 P1200428 P1200429 P1200430 P1200431 P1200432 P1200433 P1200434

Colour sorters

P1200461 P1200459 P1200453 P1200452 P1200450 P1200449 P1200447 P1200444 P1200440 P1200437 P1200435



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