LEGO Learning Symposium 2016


The 6th LEGO Learning Symposium was held 6-7 June 2016 at Tufts University (Boston, USA).

Teachers, administrators, and other educational partners from 16 different countries came together over the two day event to explore how K-12 learning happens in science, engineering, mathematics, literacy, and other disciplines using LEGO technologies.

The Symposium featured a keynote presentation from Mitchel Resnick (Designer of Scratch and Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab) and was packed full of teacher talks, hands-on workshops, panel discussions with teachers and students, and lots of networking amongst participants. At the event, seven exceptional teachers (from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Costa Rica, and Russia) were recognised as part of the first ever international LEGO Education Teacher Award.

The Symposium was hosted by the Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach and overlapped with the Tufts STEM Education Conference (7-8 June 2016).

Monday presentations and workshops

  • Mitch Resnick – Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society (Slides)
  • Marc-André Bazergui – Inspiring the world with MINDSTORMS (Presentation)
  • John Heffernan – WeDo 2.0 (Slides | Amusement Park Ride Challenge)
  • Barbara Bratzel – Engineering with EV3 (Handouts)
  • LEGO and Literacy
  • Rob Torok, Ian Chow-Miller, Josep Fargas, Andi Pestalozzi, Londa Povistak – Advanced Play (Slides | Handouts)

Tuesday presentations and workshops

  • David Hammer – Responsive Teaching in Science (Slides)
  • Rob Torok – LEGO+STEM (Slides)
  • Ethan Danahy – Creativity in the Classroom (Slides)
  • Susan Bitetti – Creativity with LEGO (Slides)
  • STEM in Early Childhood Education: KIBO Robotics
  • Students Doing Science: Case Studies of Disciplinary Engagement
  • SiMSAM: A toolkit for constructing animations and simulations for modeling in science
  • Community-Based Engineering with 3D Printing and Portable Maker Studios

Wednesday presentations and workshops

  • Marina Bers – Coding in the Playground: Young children, robots and kittens (Slides)
  • Programming for Young Children with ScratchJr
  • Supporting Iteration and Decision-Making in Design Tasks
  • Bioinformatics Inquiry through Sequencing: How to incorporate next-generation DNA sequencing into the high school curriculum
  • Teaching Infectious Diseases: The Great Diseases Project- a collaborative approach to real-world science in the classroom.
  • Chris Sledziona, Marya Schnedker – Making a Maker Space (Slides)
  • Novel Engineering
  • InterLACE (Interactive Learning and Collaboration Environment)


More details are available here.

(Last updated: 8 June 2017)

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