What to buy (WeDo 1.0)

Planning on introducing the WeDo into your class? Below are some ideas on what you need to get started.

Note: This guide is for the classic version of LEGO WeDo, which comes in a white container. Although the classic version of LEGO WeDo is no longer sold by LEGO Education, it might still be available from third parties. For a guide to LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, see What to buy (WeDo 2.0).


LEGO WeDo kit.
LEGO WeDo kit.

The WeDo kit comes in a stackable, white plastic container. The roughly 150 pieces in the kit includes two sensors (tilt and motion), a motor, and a USB hub. Generally, it is best to have one kit for every two students. This gives students the chance to actively participate in building and programming and promotes collaboration, while limiting idle time. So, for a class of 30 students, plan on 16 kits, including one kit for the teacher.


The WeDo software contains programming software and a set of activities that include engaging video, step by step building instructions, and guidance for programming. Although fewer computers would be manageable, one computer per group is best.

The LEGO Education WeDo Software is available to download here.

Other considerations

  • Itโ€™s nice to have a projector attached to the teacherโ€™s computer to display the software and activities while teaching.
  • Storage will be necessary for the kits. If students are working on projects over several lessons, then storage for partially completed projects will be necessary as well.
  • Although it might not be possible to change the arrangement of computers and workstations, some space is necessary for building the projects while linked to the computer by USB cable.
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Wayne Burnett

Wayne Burnett

Wayne Burnett, Ed.D., is a Canadian father of two boys (both of whom used the Mindstorms NXT) who teaches at an international school in Malaysia. In addition to teaching robotics, ICT, and information literacy, Wayne has recently completed a doctoral dissertation on using the LEGO WeDo to teach science.
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