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LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678)

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime is a robotics platform designed for grade 5-8 students, announced in 2019 and released in 2020. In terms of complexity, it is positioned in between WeDo 2.0 and EV3.

The SPIKE Prime core set (45678) includes a programmable hub, motors, sensors, and a collection of colorful LEGO Technic bricks. These include LEGO elements new to this product, such as 3×3 biscuits, 2×4 bricks with cross axle holes, 7×11 and 11×15 frames, wire clips, and 11×19 panels (download an element overview here).

There is also a SPIKE Prime expansion set (45680) that includes a variety of extra pieces including large wheels and banana gears as well an additional color sensor and an additional large motor.

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set (45680)

The software for SPIKE Prime, the LEGO Education SPIKE App, is free to download from LEGO Education and features a drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch. The software includes building instructions for a variety of modules, as well a number of theme-based STEAM learning unit plans (these are also available from LEGO Education here). Each unit consists of a series of guided lessons, with each lesson designed to be completed within a 45-minute class period.

The LEGO Education SPIKE App is based on Scratch

LEGO Education have published building instructions for the SPIKE Prime core set and expansion set here.

Here are some additional resources from the SPIKE Prime community to help you get started:

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