How to keep track of all those student projects!

Name tag 2As an elementary engineering teacher, I see approximately 550 students during the course of a week. In order to keep track of the numerous projects the students produce, I created simple name tags using large sized index cards. Once a student completes a project, or when the time is up, I take a picture that includes the project and the student’s name tag. I then can save that image for future reference. Taking pictures can ease the younger students’ anguish of having to take apart projects, and makes it possible to record students’ progression throughout the years.

With the number of students I have, ย I can easily take 550 pictures within a week. Storing and organizing those could be a nightmare. There are multiple ways to upload pictures or videos of student work. Projects can be captured and uploaded via a smart phone or tablet. I am quicker at this point taking so many pictures with my digital camera. The upload is easy and I can assign a “grade” with each item I upload. Name tags are a simple idea to make project management and organization easy even with large number of students.

Name tag 1

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Kellie Taylor

Kellie Taylor

I teach engineering to kindergarten through fifth grade students using LEGO WeDo and Mindstorms, and have experience integrating Mindstorms in the general classroom. I have also designed and taught an afterschool program for students in first through fifth grade.