Robotics: Assistive devices for the future

edp_graphicThis curriculum module engages middle-school students in designing, building and programming a LEGO robot that could work as an assistive device for the physically challenged population. The students form teams or “companies” that work together to create their LEGO robot prototype. The module culminates in a final presentation where student teams present their products to a panel of judges.


Teacher’s Guide

Introduction to the Unit
Lesson 0              Introduction to the Engineering Design Process
Lesson 1              Wheelchair Design Challenge
Lesson 2              Selecting a Solution
Lesson 2.5           More About Gears (Optional)
Lesson 3              Programming with ROBOLAB
Lesson 4              Programming with Sensors
Lesson 5              Begin Final Project (Identify Need, Research Problem, and Develop Possible Solutions)
Lesson 6              Continue Final Project (Select the Best Possible Solution, Begin Constructing Prototype)
Lesson 7             Continue Final Project (Finish Constructing Prototype, Test and Evaluate Solution)
Lesson 8              Communicating the Solution
Lesson 9              Complete Final Project
Lesson 10            Final Presentation

Student Handouts and Homework for All Lessons

Supplemental Teacher Resources  

Robolab Installation Guide for PCÙs
LEGO Mindstorms Electric Components
Guide to Robolab Pilot 1-4
Robolab Pilot Challenges
Guide to Robolab Inventor 3
Robolab Inventor 3 Icons
Robolab Inventor 3 Challenges
Robolab Troubleshooting Guide
Robolab Cheat Sheet
More About Gears
Robo Technology Set Contents
Useful Web Links



The preparation of this curriculum was partially supported by grant DRL-0423059 from the National Science Foundation. Grantees undertaking such projects are encouraged to express freely their professional judgment. This curriculum, therefore, does not necessarily represent the position or policies of the National Science Foundation.

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