Santa Claus’ sleigh

santa's sleighIf you like the idea of inviting the Christmas spirit into the scientific world of robotics, take a look at our new model – the Santa Claus’s sleigh, consisting of functional riding sleigh, Santa himself and two of his favourite reindeers! The model is made with a single LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Home Edition set (31313) – no additional parts needed.

The sleigh is powered by two large EV3 motors for moving little wheels hidden from the view. The medium motor puts both reindeer into motion. Their legs move simultaneously and their heads bob from time to time. To build Santa Claus’s sleigh, use our interactive building instruction available here. It’s a long one but it’s totally worth the effort.

Have fun with the robot.

RoboCAMP Team

One thought on “Santa Claus’ sleigh

  1. This was a really frustrating build. The machinery for the legs is too delicate and wonky and breaks and jams constantly. My kid and I spent an entire weekend working on it and then gave up. Looks cool in the video though.

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