LabView examples: Sensors

Graphing sensor values
Graphing sensor values

Theseย examples (PDF) demonstrate the use of sensors in LabVIEW.

Graphing sensor values

  • This program takes sensor values and graphs them on the front panel.

Line follower

  • This program is provided in the “Behaviors” section of LabVIEW 2010. It can be very useful in more advanced projects, such as creating an NXT Trolley (a vehicle that follows a line, and stops with touch or sound.)

Multiple inputs and outputs

  • This example demonstrates how to use multiple sensors and motors to control a vehicle. The while loops and case structures control the movement of the car. The purpose of the nested while loops is to permit holding down the buttons.

Use Sensor Values

  • In this example, the NXT uses the values of the light and ultrasonic sensors to power the motor.


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