Magic Moments

Sometimes things come together in your class in such a way as to cause a smile to hit your face and remain there for the whole day.

Here’s one such event:

Why it’s cool:

The class were working on the Move Without Wheels challenge.

I was out for the day and the principal was covering my class.

If students made their robot “move without wheels” I told my principal to challenge the students to drive over some obstacles.

On their own, these two girls took all the NXT/EV3/Resource kit lids I had and created a staircase.

Then they got their wheel-less robot to go up the staircase!

So this was independent work going above and beyond what was required, displaying really cool mechanical engineering and using objects in the class to create their own challenge.

When my principal sent me the video I was blown away.

Ethan Danahy also loved how the robot reminded him of this Boston Dynamics robot, RHex.

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Ian Chow-Miller
I began coaching FIRST LEGO League in the South Bronx with 2004's Mission to Mars and taught my first Robotics' course a year later with RCX and Robolab. More than a decade later I have moved 3,000 miles to WA State and I still coach FLL and teach Robotics (EV3 and iPads now). Somewhere along they way FTC was given to me to coach as well as girls' Soccer and I couldn't be happier, though free time is a luxury. I love Robotics' because there is no "right" answer and I learn something new every day. I have a beautiful wife and two lovely boys who are master builders of LEGO (though they may not officially be recognized as such).