RCX constructopedia

Constructopedia - Catapult

Theย RCX constructopedia (PDF, 55Mb) includes an extensive set of instructions designed to introduce beginners and advanced builders alike to new concepts in building with the RCX. 418 pages.

Contents include:

    • Stationary builds
      • Sturdy structures
      • Bracing
      • Change axis
    • Moving parts
      • Motors
      • Gears
      • Pulleys
      • Special gears
      • Cam
      • Differential
      • Worm gear
      • Gear rack
    • Animal parts
      • Beaks and jaws
      • Making wings
      • Walking legs
      • Tail
      • Fly wheel
      • Eyes
    • Common animals
      • Penguin
      • Giraffe
      • Frog
    • Kinetic sculptures
      • Catapult
      • Music box
    • Smart structures
      • Garage
      • Clock
      • Drawbridge
      • Golf putter
      • Conveyor belt
      • Jack and the box
    • Our favourite things
      • Basic LEGO car (unpowered)
      • Pulley car
      • Simple two-motor car
      • Sturdy one-motor car
      • Solar system rover
      • Snail car
      • BUG
      • Optical illusions


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  1. Hello

    I’m a teacher. I bought lego 9725. Where can I find teacher’s guide 2009725?

    I usually use the teacher’s guides in WeDo 1 and 2 and EV3, but I can not find the guides 2009723 and 2009725 for my rcx/robolab sets. Can you help me?

    from Portugal

    Leonardo Verde

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