RicEditor tutorial: Create a cannon game

Before you start

This post is a tutorial on how to work with “RIC” image files to create a simple game using the NXT display. For an example of what the finished game will look like and an introduction to RIC files, please see: Create your own games with “RIC” files.

To start making RIC-based games on the NXT, LVLM (LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS) must be installed on your computer. Then you must download theย RicEditorย This file is a zip file, so you have to extract it. The extracted file to run isi RicEditor.llb. A “.llb” file is a LabView LiBrary file. This file consists of many files. When you double-click this file, the following window will appear after a while:



Here you can see all the files in this library. Double-click the first file (SN_NXTRICEdtior.vi). If everything is OK, you will get the start window for the RicEditor:

Congratulations, you are ready to start creating RIC files!

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Svein-Tore Narvestad

Svein-Tore Narvestad

I have used LEGO Mindstorms as a teacher since 1999, and have used it widely. For example, to measure noise in kindergartens, to have the students create lemonade blenders using small pumps connected to the NXT, and in process control with industrial equipment: pneumatics, industrial sensors, etc.